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I also love Manx Cats.I have a female Manx cat and she is a sweet heart,,,,,,well uh,,,,,sometimes anyway.I had never knew anything about the Manx cat before I owned one.My mom got me one for Christmas this past year.As a matter of fact she just turned a year old yesterday her birthday being the same day as mine.

I know there are many different breeds of Manx cats.Im not quite sure what breed mine is.All I now is she is completley tailless.She has grey stripped fur,so I guess she is a tabby.The closest I could find to her on the internet was a picture of a blue mackeral tabby Manx.I dont know though if thats what she is or not.But anyway.I had never even heard of a Manx before I got her for Christmas last year.

I had never been a big cat person until I got her.She always wants to be around me and I had never known of a cat being so attached to her owner.Then I finally did some research about Manx breed cats recently.Thats when I found out that Manx according to what I read become very attached to their owners unlike most cats that become more attached to their enviorment rather then their owners.

However I do have some concerns about my cats behavior and I'm hoping that you or maybe someone who reads this can be of some help.Although my cat can be very loving at times,she sometimes also gets aggressive.Like for example sometimes she'll want me to pet her but then when she gets tired of me petting her she bites my hand rather hard.Sometimes she attacks my hand and then when I push her off she hissess at me.I do not understand this behavior of hers.She also meows a lot when you pick her up.She doesnt seem to like it even though I've had her for a year now.

Anyway Im really hoping that you can help me out here with any answers you may have to these problems I have been having with her.Thank You
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