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Sick Kitties

Hi, I am writing cuz I have 3 beautiful baby kitties (well, actually the youngest is 2 1/2 so not so baby) and they have developed a weird allergy to chewing lice. I already took them once to the vet and he told me to use the flea drops once a month and gave them a shot of cortisone for the itch. They were OK and hair was growing back. Well, apparently the flea drops weren't stong enough and a couple of months later they got the lice again. I re-did the drops for this month (he told me it was OK to do it, but no more than twice a month) but I don't know how to stop the itch. He said last time that even one bite will cause them to itch for 30 days. They are losing their pretty hair again from all the licking and scratching, which makes me come to the question: Is there anything over the counter that I can give them to stop the itch? I really don't wanna take them again to the vet cause he's gonna give them cortisone shots again and charge me $100 per cat (and I don't have $300) so I was thinking about a topical antihistamine I saw which is a clear gel and doesn't say anything about not putting it in our mouths, but I am not sure if it is safe for cats since some harmless thenigs for us can be fatal for them, plus I wouldn't know how much to give them. Has anyone out there had a similar problem? Does anyone know a solution? Are there any vets out there who could give me advice? I don't wanna hear the same 'take them to the vet' response cause it is a recurrin g condition that already has a diagnose and I really don't wanna put them and me through the pain of a vet visit if this can be solved at home....

Please help!!!!
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