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Looking for advice...

Hello everyone!

I have a situation on my hands and was looking for some advice...

I have two cats that I adopted in February, one is a Manx named Bodie and the other is a Flame-Point Siamese named Precious. They both unfortunately came into my home with ringworm and I have been treating it since! It has cost me $1,300. to date!

Bodie got the all clear awhile back and has been out of the basement for awhile now, however Precious is still down in the basement since humans can get ringworm. Her cultures have been negative for a month and the vet said that she could be released into our home on Wednesday. However, I found a spot on her Sunday so her freedom was short lived.

Has anyone dealt with their pet having ringworm before? If so what treatment did they receive? I have done some research online and it does seem like the weekly dips and the oral medication seems to be a must, but I thought I would ask anyways to see if there is something else that could resolve this situation faster.

Thanks in advance!
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