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Cat nail overgrowth

It seems like I only post here when I am in trouble, but here we go, again...
Last night I saw something word and disturbing in my kitty's paws. I was going to trim her nails, when i realized, there was some sort of black overgrowth on the bottom side of his nail pad, as if it was an extra nail growing opposite and towards her nail. I though this was kinda weird and I though it might be a scar, but when I looked at all the other cats, they all had this. Needless to say, I got too scared to cut their nails. I am trying to look in the internet to see if I can find a picture similar to what I saw, but there is nothing. I though it might be some parasyte or an allergic reaction to something I'm using, or some sort of contagious disease. I need to know if anyone has heard from this before. They don't seem to be in pain a nd this doesn't seem to bother them, so I plan on taking them to the vet as soon as I comeback from my flight ( I leave tomorrow ) unl;ess someone tells me that is something very serious and then I would have to cancel my trip and stay here with my babies, so please please tell me if you have experience with this before.... Please don't reply with "take them to the vet" cuz I already plan on doing so, I just need to know if I should cancel an important business trip or if its something that can wait, and if anyone knows what it might be
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