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I miss my cryshade

Back in febuary I moved out of my parents house and into an apartment complex. It was a fairly hard decision if I was going to take cryshade with me or not, but in the end I decided to leave him behind at my parents house because I knew that's would be where he would be happiest and safest. Free to roam and play indoors and out, since he absolutely refuses to stay indoors, without the fear of him being hit by a car, stolen or killed. I would die if he went missing. And he's getting up there in his years now, he's over 10, so I want him to stay comfortable. We didn't move far though, just down the road from where he is, so I still get to visit him once a week since I got a pemmie and he goes up there once a week or so to take walks and play with my parents dog. I still miss him terribly, though I'm sure I made the right choice (and we're now at our two pet limit so there's no going back).

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