Don't want no money. That shit's ugly. (teddi) wrote in manxcats,
Don't want no money. That shit's ugly.

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My mom and I just got two Manx kittens (six weeks old) earlier this week, and since then I've been reading up on them as much as I can. I figured here would be a good place to ask some questions.

01. How concerned should we be about Manx Syndrome? Does it even exist? I've read conflicting articles on it.

02. How often should the kittens be fed?

03. Is there anything that I should know in general about having Manx cats?

I'm sorry that I sound so new to this all, but .. I really am. We have two cats already (non-Manx), but they weren't kittens we got them, so this is something different for us. I'm going to call the vet and ask some questions as well, but I thought I'd ask here too and just kind of introduce myself in general. I'm glad this community exists :)

Btw, here is a photo of Harlow and I.
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